Organic and Biodynamic Farming with Bonterra Wine

Gosling’s is committed to brands that show responsibility in evolving practices which better our ecosystems and environments. Bonterra Organic Vineyards shows transparency in everything they do, and this is why they yield exceptional results; continue reading to learn exactly why!

Well before organic products were popular or widely practiced in America, Bonterra Vineyards has been building the foundation of their business since 1987. These practices not only show deep respect for the environment but also showcase their grapes in its purest expression. While not only enriching the environments biodiversity, Organic farming enriches the vineyard year after year.

The Solution: Animal Partners

With natural challenges, comes the need for natural solutions; therefore rather than use harmful chemicals to abolish any pest infestations, Animal partners are used such as:

Bees -  Through partnering  Sola Bee Farms, hives are brought into the vineyards thus allowing Bees to live in a chemical free sanctuary, allowing them to practice pollination and allow the native plans on the region to bloom throughout the season.

Chickens – When released in the vineyards, chickens eat weeds and insects that can harm the vines. Their scratching and pecking naturally aerates the soil, which ultimately provides additional nutrients to the vines.

Sheep - December through March, around 2,000 sheep visit the vineyards. The roaming sheep snack on the cover crops and weeds from one vineyard to the next. They thrive on the rich organic greens as they “landscape” the vineyards, adding beneficial fertilizer to the soil as they graze

At Bonterra they often say – “Soil is Everything”

Systems will struggle if the soil is not healthy and diverse with nutrients. There are a few steps which result in the health and fertility of the soil -

Compost - The benefits of composting are truly impressive, and they credit their organic compost piles (made from grape skins, stems, greenery and more) with increasing and maintaining soil health throughout the year.

Cover Crops - Sowing cover crops between rows has been a practice in their vineyards for many years, and one which consistently proves to benefit the soil and vines. Weed suppression, nitrogen fixation, improved soil structure and attracting beneficial insects into the vineyards are all benefits reaped from the cover crops.

“The principle of Biodynamic farming is the simplest way to understand what it is: a living organism which is self-contained, self-sustaining, and follows the cycles of nature” – Bonterra Winery